26 februari 1947 – 20 januari 2024

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Anton Anton from Tilburg, Holland wrote on 30 de enero de 2024 at 18:09
Dear friends, queridas, queridos, The loss of Tonneke is so huge, so hurting, so . . . And then I find the comforting words from so many friends around de the world. I feel warmed and supported by you. We all know it is impossible to compensate Tonnekes passing away. You gave me the best you have. That makes me cry out of pain about Tonneke and out of gratitude to each one of you. Muchas, muchas gracias
Marta Uxó de la Yglesia Marta Uxó de la Yglesia from Vilanova i La Geltrú wrote on 30 de enero de 2024 at 15:48
Dear Anton, that "we did it" at the end of a training you gave in Barcelona will always resonate in my being. A deep and interpenetrated "we", a full of service and common focus "did", and an "it" with nuances of pride for that piece of artisanship finished which transcends. I didn't know her and, yet I learned from her through you both. Eternal Tonneke, intertwined in everything and everyone. A warm and sincere hug. Bowing your pain.
Arrate Arrate wrote on 30 de enero de 2024 at 08:15
Like a ray of sunshine, that's how Tonneke appeared with her smile. A special, cheerful and loving person. Thank you for every shared moment, Tonneke. It hurts to see you go and I am very grateful to have met you. Very big hug Anton, thank you for choosing this wonderful travel partner, I'm sure that somehow she will follow you on your next adventure in 'the bus'. Un abrazo ❤
Asier Gallastegi Fullaondo Asier Gallastegi Fullaondo from Bilbao wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 21:36
Dear Anton. There is no consolation possible at this time. Only sadness. Tonneke connected you with living each day as if it were your last and that wisdom is only learned with a very special kind of people and in magical moments. Thank you for your ability to echo all that you learn and love. We all learn with her and with you. I love you very much
Jhonny Cuello Jhonny Cuello from Montevideo, Uruguay wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 20:14
My dear friend!! I remember Toneke's glow and her beauty smile while we walked and chatted in Bilbao, on that trip in their campervan. The sun illuminated and the wind caressed us that day. So every time I feel the sun and the wind on my face, it will remember me as if they were caresses from that day. And now, I’m sure that Toneke will be part of the Sun and will make us shine, and will caress us as the wind. big hug!!!
Judith Castillo Judith Castillo wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 19:21
Dear Anton, I am so sorry to hear about Tonneke. And yet, the memory I keep of her is vivid and luminous: Tonneke, elegant in her dark blue coat, giggling and sharing laughters. Te mando un abrazo afectuoso, Anton.
Carlos Vargas Carlos Vargas from Leon, Gto. México wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 18:44
Dear friend: I never meet Tonneke in person however her funeral service made me realize that i loved her as much as i love you. I cant imagine how you feel, you can be sure she has all the light ir her way back to home. I hope to get together soon. ly Carlos
Joan Oliva Segú Joan Oliva Segú from Barcelona wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 18:32
Dear Anton, I'm so sorry for your loss. I knew Tonneke only trough your words, always full of love and respect when you referred to her. Beyond the deep sorrow and pain for her loss, I wish you can also connect with the memories of joy and beauty of the life you have walked together. Sending you a warm hug.
María Carrascal María Carrascal from Bilbao wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:53
Querido amigo, Meeting Tonneke has been a GIFT. In Bilbao the first time, when you came with the campervan, in Emana’s anniversary (It was the best of surprises) and the last time in her house, knowing Utrecht, the places with all the detailed explanations, her delicious meals, every detail of her house and garden ... it was a big pleasure. Thank you so much for connecting us and sharing such beautiful moments together. It was a big gift to meet Tonneke! Now I have no words ... Te quiero mucho Anton Un abrazo emocionado
Tatiana Cortés Bacigalupo Tatiana Cortés Bacigalupo from Chile wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:53
Dear Anton, my eyes wet for you. From my heart to yours hope you receive what your soul needs in this path. Much love 🌟
Eri Velazquez Eri Velazquez wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:52
A most heartfelt hug to you and your loved ones, honoring a life well lived.
Isabel Díaz De Bedoya Isabel Díaz De Bedoya from Asunción, Paraguay wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:51
Mi querido Antón There are no words to ease your pain for the loss of your life companion. I want you to know that my prayers are with you and hope you find peace in her loving memory. Abrazo grande Isabel
Bego Juaristi Bego Juaristi wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:49
Abrazo inmenso, Anton.
Guillermo Echegaray Inda Guillermo Echegaray Inda wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:49
Big hug dear Anton
Cecilio Fernández Regojo Cecilio Fernández Regojo wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 17:48
Dear Anton, This sad news left me speechless. The only thing I can do, it is to join my heart to yours, with love and friendship. I hope time will help to bring peace to your soul, that is something which only time can do. Warmly
Tere Monroy de Bretón Tere Monroy de Bretón from Manzanillo Colima México wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 16:37
Dear Anton from my heart a big huge
Héctor Rodríguez Héctor Rodríguez from León, México wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 16:12
Dear Tonneke it is and it will be a privilege having met you and being impacted by your soft, gentle and yet powerful presence. I am fortunate for being able to visit your peaceful garden. You are and will be a colorful garden. Dear Anton my friend, we have shared so many moments, deep conversations and profound emotions. Now the time for sadness and grief is installed in you and I can feel it and become sad too. It is not easy for me to connect with my body, but now I can feel the pain in my stomach and chest. You know I will be with you for as long as your heart is in pain and sorrow. I love you and thank you for letting me get a glimpse of Tonneke´s wonderful presence.
Sergio Sergio from Bilbao wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 16:03
Dear, Anton. I send you a big hug. When I think of her, a smile comes to my face. That's how I felt in her company. Her kindness, her patience, her way of expressing herself, of conversing, of teaching and sharing. We will miss her to. All our love.
Ingala Robl Ingala Robl from Mexico wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 15:16
Dearest friend, Anton, what a beautiful lady is your wife! I would like to be on this last drive, and this last walk with you for her, and I lit a candle to accompany you from Mexico on this day, where she is beginning her way back to the “Urgrund” as Bert said. . Feel accompanied by all of us here at Comunidad SOWELU, and especially myself and my family. We send you an enormous hug for this day and the times ahead. You are loved by us all! Ingala & Family
Gabriel de Velasco Gabriel de Velasco from Leon wrote on 29 de enero de 2024 at 14:47
Querido amigo Anton. We hope you find peace, comfort and strength to get through this sad time. Receive a big hug from me and Ana Laura.